TURP - Transurethral Resection of Prostate

This is a safe effective minimally invasive surgical procedure that removes the part of the prostate gland that is causing obstruction to urine flow - essentially a reboring of the waterpipe (urethra). It is the "gold standard" surgical treatment that is endorsed by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

When should a TURP operation be performed?

Men who have bothersome urinary symptoms who have not been helped by medication are good candidates for a TURP operation.  Men who have developed complications from BPH (urinary retention, bladder stones, kidney failure) should also be offered TURP surgery.

How is the TURP procedure performed?

The procedure is either performed under full general anaesthesia or with a spinal anaethetic. Using a telescope passed through the hole at the end of the penis the middle of the enlarged prostate gland is cut away. At the Sussex Bladder Clinic we utilise state of the art plasma resection technology (TURIS or Plamakinetic surgery) - this is a modification of the classic gold standard TURP procedure.  A superheated plasma cutting arc is used to precisely excise the prostate in small chips which can then removed.

What can I expect after the procedure?

A catheter is placed at the end of the procedure and is normally removed the day after surgery.  Once you have been able to urinate you can return home and resume non-strenuous activities. There may some some discomfort during urination after surgery but generally TURP is not associated with significant postoperative pain.

What are the risks of the TURP procedure?

We perform a large number of these procedures and serious complications are very uncommon.


Bleeding - minor bleeding is common during prostate surgery. Significant loss  requiring transfusion is exceptionally rare.

Infection - this is more of a problem for men who have catheters prior to TURP surgery. Antibiotic prophylaxis is routine in our practice. 

Incontinence - with expert resection of the prostate this is very rare affecting less than 1 in 100 men.

Sexual Side Effects - men may notice reduced ejaculation but climax is preserved.  It is unusual for men to notice new problems with erections after the procedure.


How effective is the TURP procedure?

TURP is the gold standard procedure for BPH symptoms that do not respond to medication or for men that have developed complications as a result of BPH. It is the only procedure currently approved by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. The procedure is successful in over 85% of cases.

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