Advance Male Sling

The male sling is a relatively new procedure involving placement of a nylon tape under the urethra. It has been shown to be an effective treatment for male stress incontinence in carefully selected patients.

How does the male sling work?

The male sling works by supporting the urethal sphincter. The central part of the sling cups the bulbar part of the urethra and relocates it up into the pelvic floor.  This enhances the closure of the sphincter and reduces stress incontinence. The sling is not around the waterpipe itself and the male sling does not work by compression or obstruction.

Who is it most suitable for?

The male sling gives good results in men who have evidence of good residual sphincter function and mild incontinence (leaking <250ml/24h).  The best results have been seen in men incontinent after radical prostatectomy.

How is the male sling inserted?

Under general or spinal anaesthesia a small incision is made between the scrotum and the anus, exposing the urethra. The central "hammock" part of the sling is sutured to the bulbar part of the urethra and using specially designed needles the sling is passed through the natural window in the pelvic bones. The sling then tensioned pulling the bulbar urethra up into the pelvic floor. A catheter is place during the surgery which can be removed the next day.  Patients are able to go home the day after surgery and resume non-strenuous activities.

What are the risks of male sling implantation?

Urinary retention - 1 in 10 men may have difficulty resuming urination when the catheter is removed after surgery. In this situation the catheter is replaced and removed one week later when normal urination will commence.


How effective is the male sling?

We ensure good results by detailed evaluation of men with incontinence.  With proper patient selection 85% of men will be satisfied with the outcome of male sling surgery and the majority will not to use incontinence pads any more.

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