Overactive Bladder

If you experience sudden urges to go to the toilet which are hard to ignore it is possible that you have an overactive bladder. It is a very common condition, affecting around 1 in 10 adults.

What are the common symptoms of overactive bladder?

A frequent need to urinate (Frequency)

Being disturbed from sleep by the need to urinate (Nocturia)

Sudden urges to go to the toilet – (Urgency)

No warning from your bladder, not getting to the toilet in time resulting in urinary leakage – (Urge Incontinence)


To some people these symptoms may sound trivial but we understand how bothersome they can be - restricting your daily activities, affecting relationships and significantly reducing your overall quality of life.

What causes the overactive bladder?

What treatments are available for overactive bladder?

In most cases the exact cause of an overactive bladder is unknown but it probably relates to misleading messages of bladder fullness being sent to the brain. If you have both urgency and urge incontinence an abnormal contraction of the bladder muscle (detrusor) can force urine out through the water pipe (urethra). When neurogical diseases (multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinsons, spinal cord injury etc) cause overative bladder the condition is termed neurogenic overactive bladder

However other diseases can cause symptoms similar to an overactive bladder -

Before any treatment, specialist assessment is very important to rule out any other bladder conditions that may be causing yout bladder symptoms

Treatment options  include


  • Simple measures – We will support you and give you specific advice on - fluid intake (what not to drink, how much to drink, when to drink), bladder retraining and pelvic floor exercises


  • Medicines - There are a number of medicines that can help with the symptoms of overactive bladder


  • Bladder Botox Injection - A highly effective outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthetic. Bladder Botox usually provides relief from overactive bladder symptoms for a year


  • Bladder augmentation (cystoplasty) - Majory surgery to increase the capacity of the bladder

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