Chronic Prostatitis - Evaluation

Carefully listening to you about your problem combined with a detailed physical examination is the most important part of the evaluation of chronic prostatitis.  Any results of previous tests elsewhere can be very helpful - so please bring these along if you can.

Basic Investigations

Basic investigations we typically perform include


  • Urine culture
  • Semen culture
  • PSA blood testing
  • Urine cytology (detecting cancer cells, in smokers)
  • Urine flow rate testing combined with bladder ultrasound

Special Investigations

More specialised testing depends on your history and may include –


  • Prostatic massage and expressed secretion culture
  • Urodynamics - bladder pressure analysis - identifying overactive bladder or BPH components
  • Cystoscopy / Bladder biopsy - will diagnose urethral stricture disease, bladder stones, bladder cancer
  • Prostate ultrasound - identifying prostate calcification and BPH
  • Urinary tract ultrasound / CT or MRI scanning


Chronic Prostatitis - Therapeutic options

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