Enlarged prostate / BPH - Treatment

If treatment for your BPH is required, the treatment plan depends on the severity of your symptoms, size of prostate gland and any complications the obstruction may be causing.  Most importantly your preferences for treatment will be a key factor.


Conservative measures


We will support you and give you specific advice on diet, fluid intake, exercise and things to avoid.


Medical therapy


The following medications are commonly prescribed alone or in combination


Prostate relaxing medication – the prostate is partly muscular and tablets that help relax this muscle (alpha blockers) can improve flow and improve symptoms.


Prostate shrinking medication – these tablets ( 5 alpha reductase inhibitors) slowly reduce prostate volume. They can prevent BPH symptoms progressing in some men.


Bladder relaxing medication – when overactive bladder symptoms coexist these tablets (anticholinergics) can help reduce urinary frequency, nocturia and urgency. Bladder botox injection can also help with these symptoms.


Surgical treatments

When medication fails to improve symptoms or if complications have developed prostate surgery may be necessary.  The enlarged obstructing prostate tissue can be removed by Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), a highly effective minimally invasive treatment.

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