Enlarged Prostate / BPH - Symptoms

The symptoms caused by BPH can be divided into bladder emptying and bladder filling symptoms -


Emptying (voiding) symptoms include -


Difficulty initiating urination (Hesitancy)

Poor urinary flow rate and interrupted stream

A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying (urinary retention)

Leakage after urination (post micturition dribble)


Bladder filling symptoms due to BPH are usually a result of incomplete bladder emptying (chronic urinary retention) or overactive bladder syndrome developing as a result of the bladder outlet obstruction.  They include -


Frequent urination during the day (frequency) and night time (nocturia)

Sudden urges to pass urine (urinary urgency).


BPH left untreated can cause long term damage to the bladder and kidneys. A sudden and painful complete inability to urinate may develop (acute urinary retention). Urinary tract infection, urinary bleeding, bladder stone formation and kidney failure can also occur.


BPH - Evaluation


BPH - Treatment

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