Enlarged Prostate / BPH - Evaluation

Listening carefully to your story combined with a careful and detailed examination is the most important part of your prostate evaluation.


You will be asked to complete a bladder diary and a symptom scoring sheet.


Although BPH is not a risk for prostate cancer, prostate cancer is common and many men with urinary symptoms will be worried that they have prostate cancer. We believe that PSA testing in this setting is therefore appropriate so that we can be reassured that prostate cancer is unlikely. PSA testing is also helpful to estimate prostate size and potential response to some medications.


Additional routine tests include urinary flow rate measurement and bladder ultrasound examination.  In some cases prostate ultrasound, cystoscopy or bladder pressure testing (urodynamics) may be warranted.  Accurate diagnosis of the underlying problem ensures the best outcome - a basic principle that we strictly adhere to.


BPH - treatment

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