Mens Bladder Problems

Prostate trouble affects many men.  As both benign prostate enlargement and prostate cancer are common conditions it understandable that men may become anxious if they start to suffer bladder symptoms. Most commonly the symptoms are unrelated to prostate cancer and are due to benign prostate enlargement / BPH, however it is important to provide reassurance by ruling out prostate cancer early on in the evaluation.


It is often assumed that urinary symptoms in men are a direct result of prostate conditions. The bladder alone may be to blame as overactive bladder syndrome affects both men and women.  It is therefore important to get an accurate diagnosis to ensure effective treatment.


Male urinary incontinence is relatively uncommon except after prostate surgery particularly radical prostatectomy (laparoscopic or robotic) whereas many 1 in 10 men can be permanently affected.  We offer highly effective treatments for male incontinence including both the artificial urinary sphincter and the Advance male sling.

Chronic pelvic pain in men is a miserable condition and notoriously difficult to treat effectivley.  We have expertise in bladder pain syndromes, chronic prostatitis and chronic testicular pain and employ a wide range of therapies that can be tailored to your specific needs.

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